How do I load up 'listings' within a table?

I am currently building a 3rd real estate website. This company uses a company called domain.com.au which keeps a database of all their searchable property.

i have done websites such as www.mrrealty.com.au and www.johngribbinrealty.com.au where both companies have listings being loaded off two real estate databases: realestate.com.au and domain.com.au.

Both websites have their property broken down into some of the following links: eg. 'rental property', 'sold property' and 'for sale property' as some examples.

In the past, what I did was I had these pages load up information directly from the above databases according to these breakdowns. This was within the mainframe normally.

However, now I would like to try and have these properties load within a page without frames ie. this will have to be within a table.

Is that possible or do I definitely need to use frames?
June 18,

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