Load xml table, waiting to finish, load final grid

I have a question. Since the program doesn't wait until the XML table is finished loading, how can I make it? I want to do this...

1. Load an invisible table with some dropdown choices in an SQL database

2. once that finishes loading, populate the data into a dropdown box

3. then finally, load the actually main grid, with the dropdown boxes in them.

Right now I have everything loading, (both tables) and the user clicks a button, and it populates the dropdown boxes, and then you can start editing the grid, but I want this to be done automaticly.

Load the table, wait, populate the dropdown box once the table is loaded, load the final grid.
September 23,
September 27,
Anyone have any direction to point me in?
September 28,
Try overwriting table.response method so that it wait until you do your stuff.
Maybe this will help you:
September 29,
There is what I have so far
<!-- Gathering Codes for drop down boxes -->
    var tableOrder = new Active.XML.Table;
    var tableReason = new Active.XML.Table;
    var tableComp = new Active.XML.Table;



    var _response = tableOrder.response;
    tableOrder.response = function(xml)
        _response.call(this, xml);


I'm not sure how you say, wait here until done.. Would I just check of an EOF?
September 30,
Sorry for the delay.
Yes, i tried to suggest that something like this might work.. it worked for me.
You could also try using grid.getDataModel.isReady() to find out when your first table has finished loading
October 5,
Actually my partner at work, found out what to do. Thanks to Alex ofcourse.

October 5,

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