A question about coupling/cohesion in templates/grid control


I notice that getItemProperty() (defined in "lists" template) has a dependancy on getDataProperty() which is created from the "data" model in the grid.js control code.

Should I assume from this that the "lists" template is not a completely generic template?

I'm trying my best to understand your code -- some parts I understand OK, but others make my head spin a bit!

What is the degree of coupling and cohesion between components of the ActiveWidgets framework, and what templates can be considered fair game for reusing in other custom widgets?
Steve N
June 9,
June 10,

if you are looking for a 'generic' widget framework you should probably not spend too much time on the current version. The templates used for the grid control are not fully generic and while they can give an idea how things 'should work' you will not be able to reuse them as they are.

Maybe wait a little bit (3-4 weeks until early pre-alpha) for the next one. The version 2 will come with the small set of basic widgets: textbox, button, combo, list, tree, tabs, checkbox/radio. This time the full set is based on generic templates and has other improvements like strict mode support and more simple api.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 10,
Thanks Alex,

This is what I anticipated. I've actually goen ahead and created some basic templates and widgets myself (more as a learning experience than anything else).

I shall certainly look forward to the next version and be happy to help test/debug the alpah release.

Steve N
June 10,

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