AWTaglib - Active Widgets Tag Library


I'm pleased to announce that I released an alpha demo of AWTaglib, a jsp tag library to help java developers work with ActiveWidgets grid.

Because this is an alpha release there is a lot to be done and everything is buggy, but I invite all the open source community to colaborate in the project.

The url is http://awtaglib.sourceforge.net

If you download the war file you just need to deploy it into your webserver (I tested it on tomcat) and change the "logo" property contained in the file springapp-servlet.xml to the path where the app is installed (if someone could help me solve this weird bug I would be very thankful).

Also don't forget to check http://awtaglib.sourceforge.net/sample.html for instructions on how to use the taglibrary.

Isidoro Trevino
June 7,

When is the final release version of this product coming out.

November 25,

We also like open source and started a modeling environment and include AW 1.0 which is GPL. In AW 2.0 GPL is gone so we don't like to integrate it server side anymore.

John Ophof, http://open-modeling.sourceforge.ent
November 25,

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