multple mouse over action

Hi, I am trying to have a mouse over action change two(2) or more pictures at the same time.

I managed it with one. i.e. when the mouse moved over my button, the image on the screen changed. But now I want it to change more than one. Does anyone know how to do this.

I have tried:

<img border="0" IMG SRC="Screen/Home.jpg" NAME="mypicture"></p>
<img border="0" IMG SRC="Screen/Home.jpg" NAME="mypicture1"></p>

<a HREF="...miten.html" onMouseover=("mypicture.src='Screen/Mash.jpg'");("mypicture1.src='Screen/Mash.jpg'") onMouseout="mypicture.src='Screen/Home.jpg'">

I have tried everything, commas' brackets, colons. Is this even possible?
Jon Kent
May 23,
put all your code that you want to fire into a function, then call that function. IE:

function changePics()
<a HREF="...miten.html" onMouseover=changePics>


<a HREF="...miten.html" onMouseover=('document.getElementById("mypicture").src="screen/mash.jpg";document.getElementById("mypicture1").src="screen/mash.jpg";')>
Jim Hunter
May 27,

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