mouse wheel in firefox

I have a three-paned frames view... the grid widget takes up the entire area of one of the frames...

The problem is, in Firefox, the mousewheel will not scroll through the grid... in IE it works fine however. Any way to fix this?
October 6,
Firefox does not have onmousewheel event - so no way to fix this now.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 7,
I have just seen one page working with scrollbars and wheel in mozilla....wondering how they are doing that I have looked inside the code and the answer is...........the use settimeout to periodicaly check the scrollbar position and update everything acording to that.....not that cool but it is working :)
February 19,
It is possible with DOM :

window.addEventListener('DOMMouseScroll', test, false);
function test(e){
alert('Scrolling:' + e.detail);
// -->

It returns "Scrolling:3" or "scrolling:-3".
June 13,
Yes, AW 2.0.1 supports mousewheel scrolling in both IE and Firefox (but that was not possible in 2004 :-).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 13,
Tell me please, how is it posible to make the web page scroll horizontally by the mouse wheel? I can't find any codes or tutorials on web about this...
July 18,
try holding shift and rolling the mouse wheel...
October 4,

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