Change mouse cursor in a cell?

Is there a way to change the mouse cursor for any particular cell? I suppose in the worst case, I MAY be able to settle for a whole column, but that is less preferable.

I do not want the column to be an http link, but rather some Javascript action. I do not have text in the cell, only an image. I actually have it working with the pointer how I want it over the image, but would like the rest of the cell to match.

Thank you in advance.
March 31,
or replace url(cursor.cur) with the cursor name
June 24,

<td width="25%" align="center" style="cursor: help">help</td>

Follwoing are the different attributes for Style

auto crosshair default hand
move text wait help
e-resize n-resize s-resize w-resize
ne-resize nw-resize se-resize sw-resiz

Try using this code and differen values replace HELP to these values.you may get solution for your problem.
Muhammad Shahid
December 5,
What's the style attribute for the URL cursor?
March 18,
the reply of anonymous, is it when you want your desired cursor? will it specify the cursor filename... then use it in the whole page as a cursor?
August 1,

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