Loading Column Labels from a CSV file

I would like to be able to load an arbitrary CSV file into Grid. That much is straight forward but I would like to have the column labels be the values that are on the first line of the CSV file. Is there a way to do this?
Jay Blackwood
May 17,
I am looking for the same. If anyone has a solution to this, please post.

H Birdi
July 3,
The solution I did on this thread is quite far away from a "perfect one", but could be a starting point ( if Array data-model mix is an option )
July 3,
Hi Carlos,

I am looking for something a little bit different. Instead if freezing the auto row count on the left when scrolling left-to-right, I'd like to freeze the first column of the recordset. In other words, if I my data set mimics a Microsoft Project grid with the first column being the task description and the rest of the columns being time attributes, I'd like to be able to scroll up-and-down to see the entire data but then freeze the first column(task description) when scrolling left-to-right.

Thanks for your help.
September 11,
Hi Terry,
I think that (evel loading from csv) your issue is more relating to the post (fixed 1st column) solved by Alex on:
September 11,
Hello!..thanks to the useful code you had posted in this forum..I appreciate it...!!.. great work!!!!... I just want to ask help from you guys....I have many excel files to published to the web. and I am trying to used your codes. I converted my excel to CV and text file then try to load it through you codes and it works really but my problem now is..I want to have a search facility to query my data.. can you guys give me suggestions?.. or give me sample codes...

Well, I will be thankful in advance....
Thanks for the help, :)
Emman (great_emman@yahoo.com)
December 22,

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