Row Header column with Column Header possible?

Is there a way to set a title for the column that contains the row headers, i.e. to define the column header text for the row header column.

Sounds confusing, somehow, but basically what I want to do is to give the first column with for example the row numbers a title or heading.
May 2,
This is another question I still haven't solved.

Any help is hightly appreciated!

May 10,
obj.getLayoutTemplate().setContent("corner/box/item", "Row#");
May 11,
How do you set the width of this first column?
June 10,
.active-scroll-left, .active-scroll-corner {width: 100px}
.active-scroll-top, .active-scroll-data {padding-left: 100px}

found it!
June 10,
actually, that doesn't really work.
June 10,
Take a look at what Alex posted here, there is a JavaScript way to adjust the RowHeader width:


Jim Hunter
June 10,

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