Getting data from a form

I need to display a different graphic dependant on a user name. So far, I have a form that correctly submits the user name to the action page. But, on the action page, I do not know how to determine the user name.

Here is what I have:

Log_in.html has a form entitled "LogInForm" with action set to "Logged_in.html" with "get" method. Inside the form is input named "userName". when the submit button is pressed, you're properly moved to "Logged_in.html" with the ?userName appended to the end.

Inside "Logged_in.html" how do I determine the user name??

Ive tried things like
var userName = document.LogInForm.userName;
var userName = document.LogInForm.userName.value;
var userName = document.getElementById("userName");

None of these seem to work. and I need the current user name to display the appropriate graphic...
Nicole Sisti
April 12,
Have you tried location.search to get the ? string
April 12,

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