database data


How can i show data which are there in database?
May 28,
ya how can we load the data from the database otherwise this tool is totally useless
June 3,
using php / mysql ??
June 6,
One : you mean totally useless to you.
Two : If you are even a partially adequate developer, then you could easily add your db retrieval layer and make use of this widget
June 6,
Yeah, I have the same issue.

I'm using a javascript recordset, and have attempted to modify the activewidgets.asp file to suit. I hit a wall when trying to find the equivalent of :


for the javascript recordset. and have been unable find any good doco on the recordset object (methods, properties, etc).

any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

June 10,
From a db query using php:

convert the php array to javascript;

jsArray = new Array("<?php echo join('", "', $phpArray); ?>");

June 10,
Um . . I can't figure this thing out at all . . . who did the documentation?
Mike Yurick
June 21,
I wrote a small application to evaluate what can
be done with ActiveWidgets grids (read-only version)
in the following environment:

MySql / Tomcat / JSP

You may download the sources at

serge vb
June 22,

Thanks for making your code available! But for those of us that do not have a server with Tomcat can you please post a link to your test page so we can 'see' it in action and then look at your code to see how you did it?

Jim Hunter
June 22,
A demo of the application is currently (22 june 2005) running
at http://www.alcor.com/AWProject.html

Keep in mind the server behind does not have a static IP address and
uses a very slow connection to the Internet.

I cannot guarantee this demo will be on line for a long period of time.
serge vb
June 22,
Thanks Serge!
Jim Hunter
June 22,
import the csv file to database insert two table using php
December 4,
the page is not available can you put it online again. thanks
Oliver Nueva Ecija
December 5,

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