Turn off paintaing overflow colums

I have my grids embedded in div which allows me to position the grid niceley and give it a fixed height. I also use alternating row coloring.

I noticed that for example for a grid with four columns a fifth empty column is painted taking all the remaining space horizontally if the four columns together a less wide than the given space in the div.

Is there a way to have the remaining space to the right not painted in the same way the other cells and rows a painted? I rather would not want to size the div horizontally to take only the space the columns for the data model need.

What I would like to see is the four column painted as defined and then the remaining space for example white. I tried it with a fifth column style sheet but of course this does not work since there is no fifth column in my data model.

Thanks in advance for any help or hint.
March 26,
Yes, Im also looking for this solution.
April 26,
I still would like to make usage of such a formatting, if possible. Maybe Alex has an idea?
April 26,

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