Turn off selection

I do not need to allow selection at all. How do I turn it off?
September 26,
obj.setAction("selectRow", null);
obj.setEvent("onkeydown", null);
September 26,
The setAction and setEvent listed above do achieve the requested functionality, but I still need the doubleclick event to work. I am doing the doubleclick as follows:

objGridRow.setEvent("ondblclick", SelectAccount)

with the code in SelectAccount functioning as follows:

function SelectAccount()
var index = objGrid.getSelectionProperty("values");

If I use the suggested Action and Event handlers, the value of objGrid.getSelectionProperty("values") ends up being "". I need to still retrieve the value of the row on doubleclick, but not allow selection of the row. I use the XML functionality to populate with data. How can I have my cake and eat it too?
September 27,
you could just make the stylesheet the same for selected and unselected :)
September 29,

Is there a way to get the value of unselected row or coloumn....

Thanks in advance,
August 15,

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