How i can change the pivot colum?

I want to put my first column's recorsete (that i extract from db SQL server) in the column, where in the example is a secuential code. It's possible to do that? Please a need help!

August 18,
Sorry I don't understand what your problem is. Recorsete?

As far as I know if you want a Pivot table effect you'd have to pass the data to the grid, meaning, the data you extract from the SQL Database must be in pivot format already.

That is sometimes tricky to do, but it's possible. Depending on your T-SQL skills I'm sure you would be able to cope.

Unless I'm a bit loopy and I missed the whole Pivot table function?
August 18,
Thaks for you answer!

(Sorry I'm from Venezuela and i don't speak english very well)

how do that? the change the pivot of my Recordset.

August 18,
Hi it's me again

Really my intention it's keep fixed the first column ( key register ) while I move the scroll bars to the righ to see the rest of the information in the table.
My first idea was to put the data key register in the pivot column, but if I can freeze the first column it's OK for me

August 18,

If you search the forum for "Fixed column" you will see that this has been discussed at great length. Here is one of the threads:


Jim Hunter
August 19,
thank you
I'm very happy.
August 19,

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