Limit on the number of records the table can load


Does anyone know if there is any limit on the number of records the table can load ?

March 11,
If you are planning on more than 200 records-500 records, you should consider implementing some type of paging. You could load more than those, but browsers start getting flaky and display performance can be too slow.
March 11,
Thank you fro your reply Peter.

Average number of records that I need to load is around 1500-2000 records. Paging is our second option if we can't find any other way of optimizing it. Suggestions are welcome...

Thank you.
March 14,
Just wondering, if could be an option to limit the (rendering delay) by displaying as few columns as possible (i.e. ID, TITLE, OPTIONAL)
[The "OPTIONAL" column could be based on a select-control outside the grid (hide all except 1,2 and the selected) but also need to refresh the whole grid again with this 3 columns. ]
And then by a row double-click show all of them :
1- Bellow in a second grid
2- In a drop-down-grid
3- in a form
(As I said , is just an Idea, because I didn't test rendering performance on 2000 rows / 3 columns)
March 14,

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