refresh row in grid loaded with table.request


I'm trying to refresh a row (or even just a cell) in a grid without refreshing the entire grid (obj.refresh) after using table.request to get some data loaded in the gird.

However, the examples given on the site has only been for a grid created using a myData[i][j] array.

Any urgent help would be appreciated!
September 6,

To refresh a row:
and for a single cell:
September 6,
Sorry ** )'; ** (single quote at the end)
September 6,
How would I set the text of a cell with table.request?
September 6,
Check this post:
If using CSV should be similar.
September 6,
I tried that, I get a "object does not support this property or method" error. I even changed the code to :

table.setText = function(value, i, j){
var node = this.getText(i, j);
node.text = value;

But it changes nothing (I default setText to "hello world",0,0)

I then alert the value and node.text. Value comes through (even though after the refresh it doesn't appear) and node.text gives me "undefined"

Any idea?

What I'd like to do is edit the row (outside of the grid by passing all the values within the row to a form popup box) then pass the values back to the row and refresh ONLY the row. Refreshing the entire grid is not an option.

September 6,
Still struggle to do this....
September 12,

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