My Wish List

ActiveWidgets rocks ! Just needs more functions (like Java Table from Objectplanet)

- Add URL links to rows or column cells (with noline style and javascript links)
- Possibility to change fonts in rows
- Add image in colums/rows
- Auto adjust table/column to window
- Multiple selections
- Possibility to 'easily' tweak CSS colors
- Format columns (i.e. DD/MM/YY or 9.999.999,00 € )
- Display tooltips
- Hide/show grid
- Collapse columns

With components above, ActiveWidgets will be better than Java Applets !!!

I would be happy to help you on this project but I'm not a good javascript/Dhtml developer (I really suck)... Good luck :)
November 1,
That's impressive 8-)

But it seems to me that nearly all of that can be done (will be!) - the only concern is that number/date formatting in javascript can be slow. So when possible it is still better to prepare data on the server side.

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 1,
You're right, that's very easy to format date/number with PHP or ASP server side functions (faster than javascript :)
November 1,
Another wish is to auto-hide columns that are not populated for all the records. Like for example a given scenario with 3 records, suppose the 3rd column of those 3 records are not populated, that 3rd row should be hidden dynamically.
November 16,

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