Urgent! Select Checkbox from List and Store selection when click Submit

I need help! I don't have programming background, so I have no idea how to do it. I hope somebody can help. I have a list of features that one can select using checkboxes. If I need to store the selection (e.g. according to ID#) when hitting the submit button, how can I do that? The data has been stored on MS SQL server. Anyone know any functions I can use???
Its really urgent. Thanks.
May 13,
Kay, Although It sounds like your problem is a simple one but a little light on detail. I see many examples in these forums that describe solutions to problems sounding similar to yours. Although this forum is not a manual by any stretch, the RTFM policy should be used before posting technical requests. The documentation provided here has improved a great deal over time.

If you can read through forum, I suspect you will find the answer. Take a stab at it and you might surprise yourself. If you need help, I would suggest you use rentacoder.com or even better, support the nifty grid by buying a license! The proprietor may even take the 20 minutes you need to solve your problem.

B Hatt
May 14,
I am working a project genrating the pathology test
i use gird i want to add the check boxs in the grid and also having the facility to edit the grid ehn even neccessary .

so want can i do for that
send me reply on my mail id =yashwantchavan@gmail.com

May 14,

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