Print the Grid if the list is big

Hi all,

I want to print my Grid. If the printout is only one page, there are no problems. If the printout is larger then one page, only the end of the list will be printed.

Are there any ideas to solve this problem.

Cheers, Remo
April 4,
I am not sure if this is possible to solve with the grid settings. What I am planning to do is the following:

I will provide a different view on my data tailored for the print media with a special style sheet for print. My views with AW Grid will have a printer icon which will open a new window with the printable data.
April 4,
I agree with Andreas, for now the separate server-side rendering is the only solution. I was trying to solve this with print stylesheet but without success.

A half-working solution is here:

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 4,

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