Undefined !!!???

In the browser i get the word 'undefined' where it was supposed to appear the table. what's wrong? How can i jump this error?
I'm using the activewidgets code in Jsp programming that run under unix machine. the css and js files is in unix area.

January 7,
with me too
February 25,
yeah... me too..
i've insert with right database usename n password but it is still "Undefined"...

October 28,
If you do a forum search for "Undefined" you are going to find that this topic has been discussed at length.
Jim Hunter
October 31,
After a lot of testing I found that "undefined" msg appears when the number of items listed are bigger than the number specified in the setRowCount property:


It has nothing to do with your db account settings.

Hope it helps.
Pablo Solórzano
June 26,

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