JavaScript 'Active Undefined' error


I am getting a JS error 'Active undefined', and grid is not render at the screen.
It's very strange error because it's only happening when the grid is running in same pc, in anothe it's running fine.

Could anyone help me please? It's very important that I can solve this error.

July 26,
Something to do with caching? Are you include files loaded in the right way. Is the page rendering complete something in this corner I would think

John Ophof
July 26,
Hai my name is Shah Pallavi
I am getting a JS error 'Active undefined',
well i have included that zip downloaded folder into my current website
now in that folder namely ->*ActiveWidgets folder
we have sub-foldernamely -.*examples and in that ->* php
which contain 2 files
so only the local host details i.e name and password
and table name has been changed in basic.php
so while running this basic.php page i am getting active undefined
i.e the array is getting the data from the database but it does ot go inoto the catch folder
the code is below.
Please let me know if anyone has the solution
when we view the source code
<title>ActiveWidgets Grid :: PHP Example</title>
<style> body, html {margin:0px; padding: 0px; overflow: hidden;font: menu;border: none;} </style>

<!-- ActiveWidgets stylesheet and scripts -->
<link href="ActiveWidgets/runtime/styles/xp/grid.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" ></link>
<script src="ActiveWidgets/runtime/lib/grid.js"></script>

<!-- ActiveWidgets PHP functions -->


var obj_columns = [
"custInfoID", "CustName", "custFirstName", "custLastName", "user_password", "address", "country_id", "state_id", "city", "street", "phone_R", "mobile", "email", "dob", "gender", "registration_date",
var obj_data = [
["1", "SHAH PALLAVI", "PALLAVI", "SHAH", "PAL", "OPP AKOTA GARDEN ANURAG FLATS BPC ROAD", "1", "2", "VADODARA", "AKOTA", "2147483647", "2147483647", "shahpallavi23@hotmail.com", "1982-07-24", "F", "2005-12-01", ],
["2", "P", "P", "P", "P", "P", "2", "1", "AKOTA", "BPC ROAD", "2147483647", "2147483647", "shahpallavi23@rediffmaill.com", "1982-07-24", "F", "2005-12-01", ],
["3", "PIA SHAH", "PIA", "SHAH", "PIA", "sf-8 anurag flats opp akota garden bpc road akota", "1", "0", "VADODARA", "AKOTA", "2147483647", "2147483647", "shahpallavi23@hotmail.com", "1982-07-24", "F", "2005-12-02", ],
["4", "S", "S", "S", "S", "S", "1", "0", "S", "S", "0", "0", "S", "1930-09-01", "M", "2005-12-02", ],
["5", "A", "A", "A", "A", "A", "0", "0", "A", "A", "1", "1", "A", "1982-07-24", "F", "2005-12-02", ],
["8", "Aditya Shah", "Aditya", "Shah", "pia", "paswa bhai park", "5", "6", "Vadodara", "Alkapuri", "265305354", "2147483647", "shahpallavi23@gmail.cd", "1982-07-01", "F", "2005-12-02", ],
["9", "Tamanna Shah", "Tamanna", "Shah", "Tam", "paswa park", "5", "7", "Dombawali", "cs road", "2147483647", "2147483647", "tamannashah1234@yahoomail.com", "1982-07-24", "F", "2005-12-02", ],
["10", "Anjali sheth", "Anjali", "Sheth", "aaa", "aaaaaaaaaaaaaa", "6", "9", "aaaaaaaa", "aaaaaaaaa", "2147483647", "2147483647", "anjalisheth@yahoo.com", "1930-01-01", "F", "2005-12-05", ],
["12", "Jehan Sheth", "jehan", "Sheth", "ppppp", "abcdefgh", "5", "8", "akola", "kresjnja", "312564654", "2147483647", "jehan@irc.com", "1930-01-01", "F", "2005-12-05", ],
["26", "TAPSWI SIGHAL", "TAPSUN", "SIGHAL JEHAN", "TAPTI", "tapsun sastri\r\nalkapuri\r\nbhakti chambers", "5", "6", "Vadodara", "mani chali rd", "2147483647", "2147483647", "tapsun@msn.com", "1930-01-01", "F", "2005-12-05", ],
try {
var obj = new Active.Controls.Grid;
obj.setDataText(function(i, j){return obj_data[i][j]});
obj.setColumnText(function(i){return obj_columns[i]});
catch (error){

Could anyone help me please? It's very important that I can solve this error.
Shah Pallavi---Software Developer
December 26,
Did you tried wit relative paths:
If this is the problem, you just need to replace the lines:
<link href="ActiveWidgets/runtime/styles/xp/grid.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" ></link>
<script src="ActiveWidgets/runtime/lib/grid.js"></script>

with this ones:
]<link href="../../runtime/styles/xp/grid.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" ></link>
<script src="../../runtime/lib/grid.js"></script>

December 26,

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