Basic example fails to work with Firefox1.0 or IE 6.0


I took the page source from http://www.activewidgets.com/grid/ (the the last text area) and created an html file from it (c:\temp\aw\page.html). I then downloaded the source from sf, unpacked the files and placed the runtime directory at the correct location (c:\temp\runtime\...).

The page fails to display anything. I don't get any errors.

The weird thing is that the examples on the site are rendered correctly. As soon as I try anything from my local file system it doesn't work.

Either I am doing something completely crazy or I have overlooked a basic issue. There seems to be a lot of use of this product. Can someone help.
January 5,
Got it to work. Must have been something crazy that I was up to.
January 5,

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