ActiveWidgets 3 - preview documentation

This is work in progress. I will be adding examples and remaining docs in the following weeks.


Alex (ActiveWidgets)
December 10,
great preview, congratulations and thanks for keeping this library growing
Thierry Nivelet (http://FoxInCloud.com/)
December 11,
Updated the docs (preview 5) -


The beta is next.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 29,
Hi Alex,

In my opinion, what would be really cool (and unique) would be a responsive grid:

on narrow display unit, the grid would become some set of <ul><li> where each row become something like:

header1: text1 header2: text2 ...
Thierry Nivelet (http://FoxInCloud.com/)
April 17,
I am planning to keep version 3 as 'small core + plugins', i.e. optional or experimental features should be implemented as plugins. The responsive option for the grid should probably fall into this category (at least initially) -

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 20,
Hi Alex,

Any release date of V3?


Patrick Imbault
June 30,

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