Extend last column width - no trailing null column at end

How can I make the last column of variable width so that it fills the available space

I tried hiding the horiz scroll bar and making the last column a huge amount, but that doesn't handle a common need for right-align text

Is there a setting to make that happen?

(ActiveWidgets is an astounding product, btw...)
Jose Chung
November 9,

found a quick solution using explicit column setting without border-right


.active-column-8 {text-align: left; width: 80px; border-right: 0px;}

You say?
Jose Chung
November 9,
jose et all,

this is a great product! I also would like to know how to hide the last column, however, I would like to be a little more "dynamic" as I have multiple grids on the page with multiple columns/rows.

anything helps
November 10,

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