Locking the width of a column

Is there anyway to lock the width of a column? or catch the resize and stop it from occuring?
May 16,
no one seems to know the answer to this one. If Alex is there. do you have an answer I would like to lock the width of column 0. and not allow the user to resize it. any Ideas?
May 21,
Here is some cut-and-paste from an other answer (from Alex)


To disable column resizing on all columns - add the following stylesheet rules:

.active-box-resize {display: none;}

To disable resize on one column (for example the first one):

.active-column-0 .active-box-resize {display: none;}

May 26,
Thanks alot thePaster, and Alex for the original Post.

Works like a Charm.
May 26,
I've tried this in v2.0 beta1 and can't get it to work.

#myGrid2 .aw-box-resize {display: none;}, for all columns, or
#myGrid2 .aw-column-2 .aw-box-resize {display: none;} for specific columns

doesn't seem to prevent column widths being adjustable (in either IE or FF)
(also tried .aw-box-div which didn't work either)

October 14,
Try with #myGrid2 .aw-grid-separator {display: none;}, for all columns. I've type almost every combination for a sigle column, but no luck.
October 15,
i am also trying the same thing. I have multiple Tables in a page, but need to fix the column of only one table. Any luck?

Raj Nair
July 19,
Check also the posts...
July 19,

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