Field Delimiters

Can I use any other character(s) for delimiting my fields in the string that my Active Widgets grid is using

Eg) I currently have:
[["Field 1","Field 2", "Field 3"]]

I want to use another character other than the double-quote (") or single-quote ('). This is because in the fields (e.g. Field 1) there could be a a double-quote or single-quote and this is causing the grid to error on syntax as it thinks that this is the field delimiter.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks.
June 6,
Currently your data is formatted as javascript array and I guess you inject it directly in the code - in this case you should have exact syntax that is required by javascript.

However you can put your data into XML data islands or CSV text block - in this case you are free to use any kind of format that your parser will understand. Built-in AW objects can work with XML and CSV formats.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 9,
or you could just use \" to insert a quote in your data

[["\"whateve wrapped in quotes\" stuff after quote","Field 2", "Field 3"]]
Ryan Garabedian
June 10,
Thanks for the replies guys! I used the \" method mentioned by Ryan. It worked a treat thanks for that.

Having said that the XML method would be really useful. Does anyone have any experience with using an XML data source for the Active Widgets grid and using an ASP WebService to populate the XML source for the grid? i.e. instead of pointing the grid to an XML file, I want to build my XML datasource on-the-fly and dynamically send it to the grid using a WebService.

Any ideas / pointers ?

Thanks again guys.
June 12,

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