No auto-select when entering Input field

A have a form with a number of AW.UI.Input and AW.HTML.Input fields in it. When users tab through the fields, the content of each field is automatically selected. The users of this application don't like that behavior, since if they hit another key by accident, it deletes the content of the current field. Is there a way I can configure those fields to not auto-select the content of the field when the field gets focus? The cursor should go to the beginning of the field, but the field content should not be selected. Any ideas would be most welcome.
Randall Severy
March 22,
Bump. Anyone have any ideas on this issue?
Randall Severy
March 28,
Here is the code which moves the selection to the beginning of the text for AW.UI.Input control -

obj.onControlEditStarted = function(text){
    var e = this.getContent("box/text").element();
    if (AW.ie) {
        var r = e.createTextRange();
        r = null;
    else {
        e.selectionEnd = 0;
    e = null;
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 28,

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