input fields dont display the flashing cursor in firefox

i am using the aw grid (v2) in an ajax application. when you click a row in the grid, a div is created, absolutely positioned, is movable by draging its titlebar/statusbar, form elements are added etc. Probably havent explained it very well, see screenshot below for more info.


In firefox 1.5+ when you move an input element in front of the grid and click into it, the flashing cursor does not appear. IE behaves properly (you get a flashing cursor).

I have taken the quckref\grid.htm sample from the examples folder and have positioned a div and input element in the middle of the grid.

In Firefox 1.5+ the input element gets focus, and you can type in it, but you dont get the flashing cursor.


In IE6 when you click into the input element you get the flashing cursor as expected.

Interestingly, if the grid loads without a horizontal or vertical scrollbar then firefox DOES show the flashing cursor. If you resize a column to make a scrollbar appear, and then click into the input field again, it no longer flashes.

eg - same grid, but does not scroll this time.

Note - the only aw component i am using is the grid. Tabs and all other controls are my own code.

Any ideas? ive tried setting the z-index higher than 1000 for both the divs AND input elements but still no difference.
May 5,
This is a very old Firefox bug - the text cursor (caret) disappears when the input box is positioned on top (or inside) the div with overflow:scroll or overflow:auto.

The only solution which I know - wrap the textbox in another div with overflow:visible. If someone knows other way to fix this problem, please let us know, this would help a lot!
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 8,
Hey Alex,

how exactly do I have to wrap the textbox as a workaround for this bug?
I tried {div style="overflow: visible;"}{input type="text" name="test"}{/div} but there is still no cursor when the textbox is positioned above a div with scrolling enabled.

If anyone knows any other solutions or workarounds for this bug, please let us know, becuase this is quite a showstopper for me right now. (positioning the div relative as mnentioned at http://www.forum4designers.com/archive18-2005-6-257107.html did not work for me as well).
July 18,
Please disregard my previous post - the wrapping div should have overflow:auto or scroll, not visible.

Here is the example where the text cursor disappears -

<div style="overflow:auto; width:100px; height:50px; margin-bottom:-50px"></div>
<input type="text"/>

And here it is visible again -
<div style="overflow:auto; width:100px; height:50px; margin-bottom:-50px"></div>
<div style="overflow:auto">
    <input type="text"/>

As far as I understand the bug is triggered by "overflow:auto" or "overflow:scroll" rules on the overlapping div below the input box and can be corrected by another div around the input box with "overflow:auto" or "overflow:scroll".
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
July 18,
Thanks _a lot_ Alex, you saved my day!
July 18,
Alex, you rock! That's exactly, what I was searching for! Thanks
Tibor (Mindwerk)
February 27,
March 9,
Doesn't work for me....
March 21,
me either. been having this issue for a while now.
and another problem is that setting overflow:scroll brings scrollbars where i don't want them if it's in a popup style box.
March 21,
Alex, Thanks.
Great. Works for me&#65281;
April 15,
hey alex trouble here ! y tried doing the same in my inline popup but cant see for firefox 2.0.4..is not working for me .

can u give me some help
June 26,
Thx Alex its great for me

Rajesh ranjan
Rajesh Ranjan
July 6,
July 10,
I have a 1 frame work screen in that upper i have a pop-up menu down i have a Text boxes if i am going to pop-up menu (onmouse over) Menu is coming But in the text box cursor is Blinking how to avoid that.
August 2,
try inserting a value for the text box

<input type="text" value="&nbsp; or whatever" />
G Man
August 31,

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