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I am currently using dreamweaver to design forms, position DIV elements then pasting in my active widgets controls. This works well but takes a lot of time to develop forms (for me). Is there any tool that can be used to help design the forms so I can place widgets on the page then set properties?

Any IDE that works with active widgets? Anyone want to share tips or tricks to aid in the page design process?


Erik Dobrie
May 7,
I'm sorry I can really help you with advice since I do all my development on Unix with vi.

However, I did do a search for IDEs and found these -

I suppose people here could rate them on their suitability with AW.
May 8,
If you position the controls with CSS - you can try using Firebug live CSS editing. Open the page in Firefox, go to Firebug CSS tab, edit the stylesheet and then copy back to your editor. Unfortunately this does not preserve formatting, but at least you can see your changes 'live', even if your page is generated server-side.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 9,
Erik Dobrie:

You should consider abandoning DreamWeaver. Most of the professionals I know use a text editor to write their HTML.

It's a learning curve, true, but not terrible. Ultimately you will be able to create much faster using nothing but a text editor such as UltraEdit or BBedit on the Mac.

There is a source on the web called
http://www.w3schools.com that, at least in my crowd, is the beginning and the end of all our reference needs relating to HTML and CSS.

Eric Juvet
May 9,

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