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I want to modify the contents of the right-click context menu. Are there any examples available related to this task? I also want to capture events for the context menu..

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
Jason @ PascoClerk
December 13,
Alex can you please provide some assistance. We are interested in purchasing a site license for the Pasco Clerk. Thank you.
Jason @ PascoClerk
December 17,
I don't think it is possible to modify the contents of native (system) right-click context menu from javascript. Most people just intercept oncontextmenu event and show floating DIV element with custom content. AW currently does not have any special control for this purpose.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
December 18,
Thanks for the response.. do you have an example of this in action?
Jason @ PascoClerk
December 19,
You actually do not need the grid to do that for you and in fact, it's a good idea to keep the grid just a great grid.
The way I do that is by encapsulating the grid into a <div id='grid-ctx'> </div> and handle the "contextmenu" event for that div. If you need to get the current cell, I guess the grid manage it properly by getCurrentRow() and getCurrentColumn().
For handling menu, context menu etc... have a look at a javax kit.
December 20,
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Philippe Marzin
December 20,
Visit : http://www.brainjar.com/ (see: Revenge of the Menu Bar, menu can be adapted to a popup).

Visit : http://webfx.eae.net/ (see: Articles/IE Specifics/DHTML Menu 4, only it works in IE 5.5 or Superior)

I hope that it should help

February 12,

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