Grid column display order question.

I'm getting my data from an XML source:


I can't figure out how to change the display order on the grid. I'm sure it is something easy I'm missing. But I thought I'd ask.

I'm trying to get the GRID to display the columns in this order:
Company Firstname Lastname Street City Zip
(notice, I'm not using Phonenumber)

Just thought I'd ask. I did look from a bunch of the examples, but didn't really see anything that owuld help - but I might have missed it.

Thanks, Carl
January 10,
How is your XML source (I am assuming that is not complete XML because there are no closing tags) generated? If generated on the fly of via script, why not format it before hand? It much simpler, not sure how you would transform the data in the grid. It would probably reduce performance trying to distribute because you probably have to iterate teh data and assign into columns manually but I may be wrong.
January 10,
Yeah, the XML segment wasn't complete - it was just the concept.
I don't have control over the generated XML data set ... BUT it is maintained by a co-worker ... so, I can just have him generate it in the order I need.

I was just wondering if there was a way to do it so I didn't have to make my co-worker adjust his 100+ scripts.

Well, I don't mind ... it's his work (grin).

Thanks for ALL your help. I really do appreciate it. I have a TON of other questions, but I won't bother you.

January 10,
Try this.

grid.setColumnIndices([3, 1, 2, 5, 6, 7]);

January 11,
Thanks BT. Sorry for the dealyed response.

February 3,

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