How to submit a form?

I love you product but the documentation is poor - developers would appreciate simple 'how to' guides. Here's on - if I use your Input and Button objects to build a form ( and it looks great, much better than HTML!) PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO SUBMIT IT - I don't want to put the field values in the URL String.

Many thanks

Bob W
May 9,
Currently you have to put field values to the URL string and submit the form via the script (or use AW.HTTP.Request object). This will be fixed in the next version.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 10,
Hi Alex!

I am having the same problem with this really great library. I have preset IDs in a separate Java class and when I set data to an AW input component named "myinput", it stores that data in real input named "myinput-box-text". Thus my JSP's request tries to gather data from "myinput" and gets "" because the <span> has no (can't have any)value passed from inner input. What will happen if I use AW.HTTP.Request? Will it affect the real request?

Thanks a lot!
Aram Paronikyan, Yerevan, Armenia
May 15,
The above problem was solved by using a hidden input with the needed id and by assigning the text value to it under input's onControlTextChanged event. But one can't stay that way when there are many controls.

Aram Paronikyan, Yerevan, Armenia
May 16,
When you said in the reply to the 'how to submit a form', that it would be in the next release, when is that likely to be? I would like to buy the library, and have done a fair bit of testing on the free trial version, but until I can submit forms, I can't really use it. It looks very very good, so I am keen to hear when you intend to distibute the next release.
Andy Cutler, Johannesburg, South Africa
August 30,
October this year.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
August 31,
Hi Alex,
Its October!
Is the release coming soon? I'm excited to get busy with it.
Andy Cutler, Johannesburg, South Africa
October 4,
I think Alex has scheduled the next release (version 2.5) for November:

I'm not sure whether form submission resolution is part of this release. Did you try it out on the 2.5 alpha?

Alex, can you please clarify if support for values being send to the form submit method is included in version 2.5.
Sumit Madan
October 4,

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