where should i download Form-validator and Drop-Downform.

i am writing down the link for which i want the source code where i ll find it.

u will find form-validator and drop-down form in Forms option on left side.

December 15,
Just use (menu/file/save as) when each sample is "displayed", and will get all files needed (complete source code).
December 15,
Ok carlos, this is really great, but are u going to release any examples for v2???
December 15,
Carlos it is still not working i am not able to use this code it is show me file missing something like input.js. i also downloaded tat file but till the update,save or delete is showing me error. i hv placed the file in perfect directory still it has error.

if u dnt mind can u mail me. my mail id is rishitmehta@vyasil.com.

thanking u,
December 16,
Rishit, Not sure why are you getting errors, try renaming the file (and it's reference on the page) or put this code on first place of script tag.
Anyway here is input.js full-code:
if (!window.My) My=[];
if (!My.Templates) My.Templates=[];
// ******************
// Input Cell Template.
// *******************
My.Templates.Input = Active.Templates.Text.subclass();
My.Templates.Input.create = function(){
var obj = this.prototype;

// editor is not part of the template,
// there is only one single instance of editor object.
var editor = new Active.HTML.INPUT;
editor.setClass("templates", "input");
editor.setAttribute("type", "text");
editor.setAttribute("value", function(){
return template.getItemProperty("text");

// template variable provides temporary reference
// to the parent template during edit mode.
var template;

function switchToEditMode(){ 
if (template) { switchToTextMode() }
template = this;
template.element().style.padding = 0;
template.element().innerHTML = editor;
editor.setEvent("ondblclick", switchToTextMode);

obj.setEvent("ondblclick", switchToEditMode);

function switchToTextMode(){
var value = editor.element().value;
template.setItemProperty("text", value);
template = null;
editor.setEvent("onblur", switchToTextMode);

December 16,
Carlos, I have used your file input.js but it seems that there is still something missing (e.g. the reference to this line: objed1.getLayoutTemplate().setContent("corner/box/item",)

January 22,
Rosario, This line is refering the top-left-box (content) of any grid , I mean i.e. the 'corner-box' at the left of 'Ticker' (column-header).
In current case "objed1" is a tricky-grid acting as a menu edit-append-delete (just column headers), so this line is only switching the text inside this box (SHOW-EDIT-APPEND-DELETE) over a yellow background defined in the style:
#grided1 .active-scroll-corner .active-box-item {BACKGROUND-COLOR: YELLOW}
I could not see the input.js implication for the line mentioned, but if I miss something, or need any additional info, Please let me know.
January 22,
HI Plz help me

where should i download the ActiveXObject related files for retrieveing the grid table data into Excel.

Plz help me i need
April 26,

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