textbox with grid (or any other dropdown) as autocomplete select form

Hi Alex,
i'm brim over with enthusiasm for your fantastic flexible widget.
so i will apply it in my web applications. but there is a lack of functionality in HTML forms.
i need some functionality like the following in Active Widgets. i have implemented this workaround.
Because i'm not an expert in javascript programming, this solution is surely quick and dirty.
my question to you: do you plan a similar functionality in future combobox releases?

June 6,
autocomplete function works only in ie.
June 6,
now i've fixed it for firefox
June 6,
Hi mono,

I think, this is a great example and i would like to use it. Can you integrate this example in the AW.ComboBox?
June 6,

great example! Yes, I am planning to make grid combo, tree combo etc, basically to allow any template used as a popup content. It might not fully work with the current version because of the focus handling issues but I hope all that will be fixed very soon.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 7,
Luis C
June 29,

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