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I used the <br/> tag to wrap text in headers and in normal cells. Then I used obj.setColumnHeaderHeight("40px"); to be able to see two rows in the headers. But how do I make the rest of the cells higher so I can see the whole wrapped text? Is there a setting for automatically selecting the correct cell height (that displays all the wrapped text)?


August 14,
It is not possible to adjust the row height automatically (unless you make a script which does it separately for each row). The following CSS will set the height for all rows at once:

.active-grid-row .active-list-item, 
.active-scroll-left .active-list-item {height: 60px;}

see also this thread:

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
August 16,
Alex - thanks for your quick and helpful response!
August 16,
Because the content of a cell can differ from row to row, I used

.active-grid-row {height: auto;}

But the righthand border of the cells with less rows displays incorrectly. The borders only go as far as the lowest line.
Neil Craig
September 21,

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