How can I put a image and text in a cell

I want to put text data with their image in one cell, but not seperate into 2 columns. how can I do? can I get a sample code?
July 11,
How would you put an image and text into a DIV? There is no difference in putting them into a cell, the HTML is the same.

<IMG src="...">Your text

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Jim Hunter
July 11,
how can use the the above HTML code in a script to add the image in the column?
November 28,
Hi Alex et al...

i've noticed that when you include additional attributes like with height then it breaks...

<img width=10 height=10 src="../img/flags/uk_small.gif"> a flag

I am still on version 1.. maybe this is fixed in version 2

Any ideas would be most appreciated

April 26,
I have two textbox on my page and one table and one submit button

i want to input data into textbox and show these values when i click on that submit button and then i want to show the data into the table so how can i create that code.

Please help me.
and mail me that code on vikas.gameti@hotmail.com

Vikas gameti
May 16,

what I have been doing may not be the best, but it has worked:

I keep an array of my data updated with user actions and redraw the table when needed, to reflect new data
May 18,
How can i put an image into a textarea? Ive tried the whole <IMG src="..."> thing, but it doesn't work :(
June 23,
use AW.UI.ImageText.
Paulo Cesar Silva Reis (PC from Brazil).
June 23,
I had the image objet and i want to use this image object in to the grid like

var Oimg;
Oimg=new Image();
for( var i=0;i<document.forms.length;i++)
for(var j=0;j< document.forms[i].elements.length;j++)
if(document.forms[i].elements[j].name="emailread" )

By doing like that i had the image path in the Oimg.src variable and i want to use this variable in the grid so that i can display the image.

Is there any way of getting like that in the grid..

help i am stucked here...

waiting for reply

August 25,
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
August 25,

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