Wrapping text in cells and headers

I was reading through previous topics and a good few posts back you mentioned you where going to take a look at the above.
Just wondering is there any update on this???

Brian E
June 23,
No, wrapping text is not supported in version 1.0 because I am using white-space: nowrap CSS rule on the list DIV and you cannot disable it in the inner DIVs (IE bug). It will be fixed in 2.0

Now you can only wrap text if you insert <br /> tags into the text :-(
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 24,
Hi Alex
I used the <br/> tag to wrap text in headers and in normal cells. Then I used obj.setColumnHeaderHeight("40px"); to be able to see two rows in the headers. But how do I make the rest of the cells higher so I can see the whole wrapped text? Is there a setting for automatically selecting the correct cell height (that displays all the wrapped text)?
August 13,
I tried to "wrap" text in my column header with the workaround described here but it does not seem to work for me.

I have an array for my column headers and I formatted one column header as follows:

var columnHeaders = [
            "Date", "Cycle", "Submitted<br/>#", "Submitted<br/>$"

and then I set the column height to 60 just to make sure there is enought space:


But what happens is, that the text ends where the <br/> is inserted and the following text is not displayed at all.
March 21,
This is the same bug I'm experiencing with manually forced wrapped text.
March 29,
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 30,
Hi Alex,

Very impressive product!

I noticed in your above post of Thursday, June 24, 2004 that it is planned to have the wrapping text issue 'fixed' for 2.0.

I downloaded the 2.0 beta 1 and found the "multi-line text (wrap)" section.

The "auto-wrap" on both initial display and column resize works in IE6 (kudos; no <br/> needed). However, the cell/row height does not auto-resize on a row-by-row basis to the appropriate height to display the wrapped text in the 'worst-case cell' for that row (i.e. like the auto word wrap feature of an HTML Table). I only see a manual "all or nothing" approach in the example code.

Unfortunately, my customer base will demand this functionality: each row must be able to individually auto-resize to the correct height.

I know that this is probably asking a lot (I had a lot of frustration myself getting a custom CSS/JS based grid working in IE for my customers). However, if you can do this, I am sure that you'd really impress a lot of people! I know that I would have an easy sell to my customers.

Do you think that there is any hope of this happening prior to official release of 2.0?

Thanks, and again great job,

P.S. A fall-back option might be for me to fix each column width, disable the column resize feature, do my own <br/>'s as needed, calculate the necessary row/cell height and set each row height as needed...uh...assuming that I can set each row height individually prior to initial display.

So, if the auto-resize feature is not an option, is this type of operation doable?

If so, can you please give me heads-up on the best way to go about this with your product...

October 11,
I have also same bug I am experiencing... please send suggestion how to fixed it....
December 28,

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