Holy crap

This is an awesome project. I just popped it into a reporting application and my clients went nuts. I'm not going to put it into production, but this is a really very cool project.

FYI - The widgets don't show in Mac/Apple IE/Netscape.

Great work!!
Brian Morin
October 28,
What would be your wish list in order to put this into production ?

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 29,
The most important wishlist: make it LGPL instead of GPL.

Are you planning on making more widgets, a generalized framework for people to add their own widgets, and so on? If not, perhaps you might be interested in merging with DynAPI? Check them out at http://dynapi.sourceforge.net/dynapi/

October 29,
"What would be your wish list in order to put this into production ?"

I don't know if I can, GPL is kinda sticky for clients. While it typically doesn't affect many things, some of my folks don't like GPL software in thier custom software, they don't mind it for server applications like PHP, Apache, but in the code itself is a concern.

Otherwise, I don't have any idea what else I'd like to see.. I'm twiddling with a PHP class that will emit the javascript array, I'll contribute that when I'm done.
Brian Morin
October 29,

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