HTTP.Request seems to add in extra characters to the Parameters

I am trying to use HTTP.Request to send commands/data/stuff to the server but from the time I stuff data into a parameter to the time it gets to the server there are some extra characters getting added into the data. The exact scenario is that I have some characters that I am using as delimiters, ascii 179 (³) and when the data gets to the server there is an ascii 194 (Â) character in front of each of my delimiters. So these extra characters are getting passed to the server as data and causing much grief. I tried to set the RequestHeader "Content-Type" to "text" but that made no difference. I tried to view the Parameter data immediately after setting it to see if that's when it gets modified but there doesn't seem to be a way to view the contents of a Parameter.

Anybody run into this before and how did you fix it?

Jim Hunter
July 7,
I've run into this and found that the culprit is SQL Server (assuming you use SQL Server or else this theory is shot to hell)

SQL Server will automatically change any special characters (like you've mentioned and some more!) when you insert data. It's pretty easy to extract and replace whatever you need to, here's a short list :

'’ = ’
str = replace(str,"’","’")
'‘ = ‘
str = replace(str,"‘","‘")
'“ = “
str = replace(str,"“","“")
'â€? = ”
str = replace(str,"â€?","”")
'Â =
str = replace(str,"Â","")
'– = –
str = replace(str,"–","–")
'é = é
str = replace(str,"é","é")
'ö = ö
str = replace(str,"ö","ö")
'• = •
str = replace(str,"•","•")
'è = è
str = replace(str,"è","è")
'ô = ô
str = replace(str,"ô","ô")
July 7,
Oh crap, just read your post again and totally misinterpreted it. Usually I use | as delimiters and not a special character like you do. Try that...
July 7,
Everything was working sort of well before I switched to use AW as the transport. I was creating a <FORM> element on the fly and sending the info via a FORM.submit. The problem was that 1 out of 10 times the return code did not get executed at the client. It got loaded but not executed. I was hoping that using AW would stabalize things.
I had no issue with the delimeter I was using because I break the string apart at the server side on the delimeter. I have tried stripping out the extra character that is getting inserted but there are too many touch points in the code so I would rather fix it at the source.
Also, we are using Oracle on the backend.
Jim Hunter
July 7,
I have the same problem and another one.
The text parameter of response(text) function loses extra characters such é,à ...

I did not find the solution (the source is very complex to understand, many of regreplace ...)
July 8,

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