Alex --I.E 7.0 and ActiveWidgets

Do everyone tests ActiveWidgets against I.E. 7.0 Beta 2?
The ActiveWidgets' Grid can not display its content in I.E. 7.0?
(please verify it in following links:
Is any possible quick fix on AW to make it work on I.E. 7.0?

May 17,
I've been using IE 7.0 the entire time I have been working on our grid widget.
I loaded your links. The gird looks good as best I can tell.

The dialog on the other hand has more than a couple of issues.
looks like CSS on the tabs, the little orange slice on the top of the tabs is not working, Tabs appear to be loading the next tab page as expected though.

The buttons are all screwed up. text is there but the button does not show. No mouse over or anything.

The pictures inside the group boxes are cropped out.

I think the onclick for the buttons are still doing what they should.

May 17,
Well, I just try to run the following link with I.E. 7.0 now

only empty grid window displayed.

We are using AW right now for our project. The client requests our web application supporting IE 7.0. But our web apllication can not display any AW grid content. And That why we test samples in your website with IE 7.0.

The I.E 7.0 we use is:
Version: 7.0.5346.5
Product ID: 76487-OEM-0011903-00102
Update Versions: Beta 2

Give me your email (if you like), So I can email the screen shot of your Vitrual-mode grid.


May 17,
yeah, its toasted here, too, most updated IE 7 available being used.

the page at /grid/ should probably catch and fail gracefully to avoid bad demo's until IE 7 support is completed.

just an idea
May 18,
Interestingly enough, my AW 1 proggies work fine in IE7
May 18,
IE7 beta will be supported in AW 2.0.1 - should be available in the next 1-2 weeks.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 18,

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