IE 7.0 problem?

I know IE 7 is still in beta. But I figured I'd play with it because I know once it is released my customers will start using it.

I noticed IE 7 is not displaying AW components correctly.

For instance, if you use the TABS component in AW with any number of tabs, it doesn't display them horizontally. If the width of the TAB component is 500, it will take each TAB and make it a full 500px wide and listen them vertically (loosing any text in the tab in the process).

I also noticed the GRID displays the boundaries and the scrollbar, but does not display any content.

Strange. But, like I mentioned, I know it is beta. I just wanted to post something incase there was a fundamental change in IE that might require Alex to adjust AW.
April 29,

I just started testing against IE7 beta. So far the only problem that I found was that IE7 no longer accepts 'underscore' hack which I was using, so I had to move all IE specific CSS rules to .aw-ie ... {} syntax. After that everything seem to work fine. I am planning to release 2.0.1 with those changes included so it will work on IE7 beta.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 2,
Thanks Alex. Really like AW. Any time frame on the 2.0.1 release? Just curious. It's a great product.

May 2,
Alex, can you post the fix to this problem, that way people who are using IE7 and still experence the wonderful magic your script provides.
Just the CCS file or what parts need to be changed.
May 5,
I now have IE7 and on the odd occasion, that when I click on a cell or row in the grid, the entire contents of the grid is cleared - completely gone! This doesn't happen on IE6 or Firefox.. or anywhere else other than IE7... as far as I know

It usually happens when I have just loaded a page and then click a row or cell - if it survives the first click, then all is OK.

Is this an IE bug? AW bug? or.....?
December 5,
I am not aware of anything similar (except the problem with the grid initialization in the hidden state, i.e. display:none). Could you send me or publish here an example which allows to reproduce this problem?
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
December 6,

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