Mouse over problem in 2.5.1

Hi Alex,

The following is not a major bug, but just an annoyance I noticed.
You can see it in action at http://www.motreja.com/ankur/aw/index.html
I've put 2 grids in 2 iframes and each of them is configured to highlight the row the mouse is over (using .aw-mouseover-row)
If you move the mouse very quickly in firefox, sometime a row will be left highlighted even though the mouse is not over it.
In fact, if you move the mouse quickly over the top of the grid, sometimes the header too remains highlighted.
This wasn't happening in version 2.0.2

If its a simple fix, please let me know the solution.

Ankur Motreja
February 12,
Yes, unfortunately when you move the mouse too fast Firefox does not always fire mouseout or mouseover events. I don't know any workaround for that.

Are you sure that 2.0.2 was different? I have an impression it was always like that.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 13,
Hi Alex,

Here's the same example page with 2.0.2 - http://www.motreja.com/ankur/aw202/index.html
It doesn't happen in that version but happens on 2.5.1
Maybe the bug reported in http://www.activewidgets.com/javascript.forum.21409.0/pbs-2-5-release.html changed something ?
Not sure about it, though.
I just mentioned it since its related to .aw-mouseover-row and fixed in 2.5

Ankur Motreja
February 15,
Hi Alex,

Did some more testing today and it doesn't seem to be limited to only FireFox.
With version 2.0.2 (http://www.motreja.com/ankur/aw202/index.html), the problem doesn't occur in FireFox and IE7.
With version 2.5.1 (http://www.motreja.com/ankur/aw/index.html), it happens in FireFox, IE7 and Safari.
In Opera, I saw it just once when I was moving the mouse very wildly :-)
So, I guess Opera is not a problem as far as this bug is concerned.

The tests for all browsers were done on a fully updated Windows XP system.
The exact versions are given below:
IE: 7.0.5730.11
Opera: 9.25
Safari: 3.0.4 (523.15) (windows version)

Ankur Motreja
February 16,
I tried both of your pages with the same version of FF and it was hard to reproduce. I do use a theme though.

However, it was easily reproducible in Netscape 7.2 with both! One big difference I noticed was that Netscape treats the scroller region as part of the grid while FF doesn't.

I also noticed that your 2.0.2 version has a scrolling grid within the main one (thus two sets of scrollbars). I thought this was a bug with Netscape at first but FF does it too.

It did give me an idea about user resizeable grids though.
February 17,
Hi Anthony,

I forgot to mention earlier that its easier to run into the problem when you exit the frame from the non-scrollbar side (left or top)
I haven't got Netscape installed, but maybe I should test my apps in that too.

The scrolling grid within the main one was due to an incorrect css value for overflow on the body tag (I used overflow:none instead of overflow:hidden).
Fixed that now and no change in the results.
I'm glad my incorrect css tag gave you an idea :-)

Ankur Motreja
February 17,
Its probably no point bothering with Netscape. I still keep Netscape 7.x around because its fast. Forget about Netscape 8 though.

Yes, its more reproducible when moving the mouse off the left side (at least with FF).

I was wondering, however, what would happen if you enable a row selector (.aw-row-selector {...})? It probably won't make any difference. It wouldn't solve the problem when exiting in one of the vertical directions but it might help point to the crux of the problem.
February 18,
Yes, I can really see the difference, which means this is a bug in event processing, it definitely should not be like this in IE7.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 18,
Hi Ankur,

I think I may know what the problem might be.

I was testing with FF today. I have a page with a grid on it but its definition is different to your example.

Anyway, I had this style set for my grid -

.aw-alternate-odd {background: #E0E0E0}

So I decided to see if I could reproduce your problem by just adding -

.aw-mouseover-row {background: #CCCCCC}

This worked much as you would expect except that odd rows that were already highlighted wouldn't get highlighted with a mouse over event. I couldn't get the problem to occur in my grid even though it happened in yours (I had both pages up in two FF tabs).

I made a remark before about trying a selector. I have one set with -

.aw-row-selector {color: red; width: 30px; text-align: right}

A row will be highlighted with the mouse over the selector but, apart from that, not much else happens.

Then I thought I'd try it programmatically. So I deleted the style and added this code -

obj.onRowMouseOver = function(e, r){this.getRowTemplate(r).setStyle("bac
kground", "#E0E0E0")}
obj.onRowMouseOut = function(e, r){this.getRowTemplate(r).setStyle("back
ground", "white")}

This worked fine (alternate rows that were highlighted do get changed, however, so you can't mix these two styles). But I still couldn't reproduce your problem.

The other differences I have is this grid control style -

.aw-grid-control {height: 85%; width: 75%; margin: 0px; font: menu}

and some object set styles.

Then I noticed from your page source that you have two frames defined for your grids with absolute sizes. It appears that the problem happens at the frame boundaries. To confirm this try making your frames larger and/or set the grids to be smaller relative to the absolute size of the frames.
February 20,
Fixed in AW 2.5.2.

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
July 3,

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