Check this out: Suggestions for UI

This is a pic of the grid widget that I hacked together.


I built it because I coudn't find what I needed which was a grid that could make all of the data available in one page but with options for paging.

This one also has a search functionality built in. All the code executes in DHTML in the page with no server refresh.

Check it out. I would love to see the grid module with paging and search. Then I could replace this one ;)
December 6,
Very impressive!!!

I like the search/lookup UI too. However I think I just do a search API and everyone will add the textbox the way he/she likes it.

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
December 8,

Is it possible for me to get a copy of your hack? Thanks.

January 14,
Well, Aaron's screenshot looks impressive ... but what I really want is something that accomplishes the effect of paging while masking the complexity. Presently large amounts of data are typically managed through the use of scrollbars, however dynamically rendering many rows in html is prohibitively slow, as you know. So what would really be nice would be a grid widget that had custom scrollbars that understood all the things that Aaron's screen understands without the additional navigation widgets. Maybe with tooltips showing actual range or the range displayed as text in the scrollbar widget itself, much as Aaron has displayed in the bottom right, the only reason I suggest moving this to the scroll bar is because I would prefer to see the selected row in the bottom status bar i.e. record 25 of 425
January 15,

I would like to build the paging functionality the way you described it. I am sure it's possible without much re-design of the current grid but it will take some time to complete.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
January 17,

Is it possible to get a copy of your grid?

June 23,
Can I get your code?

Suwandi Yesaya
February 16,

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