How to put a check box in a cell

Is there a way to put a check box in the a cell
January 29,
No, I don't have checkbox cell template yet. As a workaround you may send checkbox HTML code instead of the plain text into the cell.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
January 30,
Thank you Alex
January 31,
How to override click event? I just outputted a radio box in one of my grid columns, but am unable to click it because the click event is being grabbed by the grid for row selection? I am sure there is someway to override the event handler for my purposes, but I don't which object to override or the proper syntax. Help Alex?

WB Orlando, FL-
February 16,
Never mind, Alex, I found the answer in a thread lower in the forum. This apparently is a bug fixed in the newer grid control. All works fine now...

WB Orlando, FL
February 16,

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