This can't be a bug can it? Very strange standalone UI problem

UI.Combo or UI.Radio standalone.

var itsRadioType = new AW.UI.Radio;
itsRadioType.setItemText(["AREC", "PTR", "CNAME", "MX", "HINFO"]);

Works fine.

Now if instead of the last line I call doTest() which is implemented like this:

function doTest()

Nothing is displayed and the script stops. Firefox says that itsRadioType has no properties.

Being a C++/C# programmer I must be missing something elementary in JavaScript but the funny thing is that only UI.Radio and UI.Combo show this behaviour. UI.Label for example works fine wrapped inside a doTest function.

Karl Thoroddsen
March 10,
Of course it turned out to be an elementary error on my part.

After declaring the itsRadioType variable at the start of the code I then redefined it inside another function which understandably messed up any access to it.

Sorry about that. :-)
Karl Thoroddsen
March 10,

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