Another "Header/Footer" question....

I´m sure there is an answer inside the forum... but i can´t find it...

I´m using the xp-style and my boss really likes the style of the header
so he wants the same for the footer...

problem is, i can not find a way to get the darker line into the footer.. or change it or anything. Where/how can i change this line and how can i get it into the footer?

there shouldn´t be anything inside, just the same style as header inside footer
"grey line in the middle"

nothing else....

can someone help me please?
Markus Schostok, Germany
October 15,
forget about it....
wrong style... i have aqua, and there a background graphics....

2 Days for nothing...^^
always looked into xp....
Markus Schostok, Germany
October 15,
ok, still the problem, how to change these....?

i know its the "g1.png" for the background but:
is not working
#myGrid .aw-footer-0 .aw-grid-footer .aw-grid-footers {background:url(g1.png)}
is not working, too

how to change the look of the footer so it looks like the header??
Markus Schostok, Germany
October 16,
Check where g1.png is located. If you put the rules into the <style> block on the page then the URL should be relative to the page.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 17,
i have tried it that was too
still the footer is just one big white block...
i can change the color of it, but then its not the full footer, there is a small part on the right side always without color...
Markus Schostok, Germany
October 19,

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