TEXTEDIT templates???

Dear all,

is there a textedit control for v2, which is like a combo in whose popup we can type text...

I know that there are some very good examples in v1... Carlos examples, but I haven't seen any for v2...

Or is someone about to do develop it?
December 6,
Paul, I tryed once the drop-down-textarea using the default 2.0 popup, but no luck as popup-control has it's own click event (for combo selection) so I'll try later with a normal div-positioned, anyway I had success (almost- "col resizing issue") embeding a dropdown 2.0-grid inside the popup for selection:
Also made an input template in a similar-way as checkbox-experiment1
(this one has: "no cursor/sel-text under FF"). And was able to insert a AW1.01 grid into a 2.0-Cell (as template) not really sure what to use this for ;-) , my first one was a numeric-spinner template (not perfect too). Sorry for not posting part of all this yet, but for now I need it to find a good Project/Job -- If Anyone interested/or knows any vacancy ??
December 6,

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