How about from a SQL Query?

Anyone have sucess with this?
November 30,
What is your question? You are pretty criptic, please provide a little more information and someone might be able to assist you.
Jim Hunter
November 30,
That would be pretty helpful!

Jim, I think shuxclams is referring to using data from an SQL query to populate the grid.
Aaron P.
November 30,
try using an xml data island. That way you don't have to loop through the recordset manually. There are examples of this in this forum. I did it and added a stylesheet, and it works great.
Jim Shaffer
December 5,
can we format our mysql data's to xml format?????
December 9,
no. you can't.
December 21,
Of course you can. Depending on how you are populating the grid. You can certainly format a query result into XML form.

This is just PHP pseudo-code, and by no way complete

     $xml .= "<mytag>".$row[field]."</mytag>";

Or course it would need to be correct format. But YES, you can do it.

A slick way would be to call an AJAX procedure to get the new XML, and then call the function that would populate the data. Unfortunately I am just starting to learn the code, and can't inform you of the actual call. Maybe Jim or Alex could reflect some insight.
December 21,

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