Multiline & Scroll Bar Issue

When using multiline and a cell is resized to the degree that wrapping occurs, the row is automatically adjusted as it should (currently works in IE only).
The problem comes when the rows, with thier new size, exceeds the grid/page size. The scroll bars to not appear appropirately. It seems that the scroll bars are based on the number of rows rather than the number of rows plus the row height.
Rick Villela
November 18,

v 2.0 will not work with variable row height. Currently the scrolling range is calculated from the number of rows assuming all rows are of the same height. I could not use the v 1.0 algorithm because it will not work in virtual mode. It will be fixed after 2.0 (provisionally 2.1 as I also need it for tree grid) but currently you have to set the same height for all rows.

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 22,

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