combo box scroll bar issue in Chrome

I have an issue with the combo control in Chrome. It has been working fine in IE, and Firefox. I have version 2.5.5 and I have setCellEditable to true for that column (in order to work properly in FF).

Today was the first time I try it in Chrome and when I click on the vertical scroll bar of the combo, in order to scroll down, the combo box closes.

I searched the forum and didn't see anyone reporting such a problem, but I tend to believe it is a bug.
July 26,
Anybody there ?

I am not a newbie and I know my way around AW. I've had the combo control working on IE and FF for a long time, but something is seriously wrong with the combo on Chrome.

Clicking on the vertical scroll bar of the combo box, has the same effect as clicking OUTSIDE the box and the combo is CLOSING before the user can select a value.
July 29,
Also, how can I get an update from 2.5.5 to 2.5.6. I bought 2.5.5 last year and I believe I am eligible for a free upgrade to 2.5.6.

July 29,
Do you have a small example available? I am not seeing the same problem you are describing.
Erik Dobrie
July 29,
Thanks Erik for replying. Below a simple example. After you open the dropdown list, try to click on the scroll bar to scroll down and the combo box will close. This is obviously a bug.

var data1 = ["one","two","three","four","five","six","seven","eight","nine","ten","eleven","twelve","thirteen","fourteen","fifteen"];

var list1 = new AW.UI.List;

var obj = new AW.UI.Grid;



obj.setCellTemplate(new AW.Templates.Combo, 1);

obj.setPopupTemplate(list1, 1);

July 31,
The combo box works properly in chrome BUT it does NOT work properly when used in a grid column as you are trying to use it. So yes, it is a bug.

I will update this thread if I come up with a workaround.
Erik Dobrie
August 4,
Alex, do you have any work around for this bug ??

I have a client that's using Chrome and is having this issue, this is becoming embarrassing for me.
August 8,
Confirm this is an AW bug, can reproduce in Chrome, Safari, while IE and Firefox are ok. I'll try to find a solution ASAP.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
August 11,
Here is a workaround which seems to work for me - disable the focus method for the list control:

list1.focus = function(){};

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
August 18,
Thank you Alex. The workaround worked as expected.
August 21,
hi Gil,
one more big bug is there which will effect ur sample code in Chrome and Safari browsers i.e just increase the rowsize to 15 i.e obj.setRowCount(15); and open in chrome and safari browsers. Now scroll your vertical scroll bar of the grid to down and then click on the combo then list box will come outside of the grid.

This is the issue what we are facing ,if you have any solution for this please let me know.

url of my post is:


Dilip Kumar Pakalapati
September 21,
Hi Dilip,

Yes I see that the list box in the bottom will go outside the grid, whether I increase the number of rows to 15 or not, but I don't think this is a bug. I mean I don't see a problem if the list box goes outside the grid.
December 12,

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